Male and Female Brains Exist... Get Over It

A Response to the Quartz Article “The biggest myth about our brains is that they are “male” or “female”

I just stumbled across this article written some time ago (2017) the proposition that the writer Lila MacLellan is advocating for the is removal of the terms “male” and “female” brains. She begins by stating the work of Daphna Joel from Tel Aviv University. Her research shows that the brain when required can change the structure of neurons from a female state toa male state.

So great start begin by admitting that there are two types of neurons present one type primarily in males and the other primarily in females. She then goes on to state that in circumstances of stress; I.e. survival, the brain can change these neurons to the other pattern if required.

So there are two types of neurons one male and female and in extreme circumstances they can be changed. Not really disproving your claim is it?

After a brief detour to criticize James Damore of Ex-Google Memo fame. She gets back on tr…

Artificially Unintelligent

20,000 engineers.

20,000 engineers are currently working on a single algorithm to provide you with the most accurate porn results it can find.

20,000 engineers co-operating on organising and compiling the largest depository of knowledge that man has ever created.

20.000 engineers participating in programming one of the most advanced computer systems on the plant.

20,000 engineers creating the first artificial intelligence.

Or perhaps they already have, and they are just the guys working for Google.

What about the other FAANG companies. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google. What about the still un-profitable Twitter, all of whom have immense armies of programmers, engineers and designers working on similar programs.

Worldwide those working specifically on the the creation of artificial intelligence is estimated to be around 300,000 computer engineers. Yet this is still a drop in the bucket to the total amount of computer and telecoms engineers working on the creation and operation of t…

Declaration of Sentiments

Baker, Carloline,  et al. “1848: Declaration of Sentiments.” Womens Rights Friends, 26 Jan. 2019,

On Essentialism

“Some feminists today continue this “essentialist” view. Women share - they argue - certain essential characteristics. For example, women emphasise relationships, and responsibility to others; they learn to value sharing and nurture, cooperation and connection. These values may translate into greater support for political candidates who promote peace and ecology. Or they may have repercussions for science and medicine, which have been traditionally male-defined. [...] a holistic outlook maybe more natural to women because of the importance they give to relationships. Note that these values are not necessarily linked to a female nature - although some contemporary feminists will so argue - but can be accepted as the result of gendered social experience, in which girls learn to be person-oriented and boys are encouraged to manipulate objects, distancing themselves from them in order to analyse or control them.”

(pg. 3) Le Gates, Marlene. In Their Time: A History of Feminism in Western S…



Steps to Nowhere


Two Men of Very Different Means

Let’s imagine the lives of two very different men.

The first was born to a single mother. As a boy he grows up without knowing who his father is except the little his mother tells him. He struggles with the effects of poverty, second hand clothes from the charity shops, the unhealthiest microwave meals, and a mother who I barely home as she works two jobs to support them both. His schooling suffers his teachers who are all women, consistently mark him down, he finds it difficult to concentrate and has trouble controlling his temper. He consistently fails his classes, and returns home to his mother who becomes more and more disappointed with him. He internalises this a begins to feel that he will never be a success; will never have a good job and will probably end up committing crime, and ending up in prison being raped. He begins to exercise and workout, the only thing he enjoyed in school. He grows his body but not his mind, becoming a strapping young ladies man.

The second is born to…